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11 Best Sustainable Gifts for Him in 2024

Looking for unique sustainable gifts for him – whoever that may be – and struggling?
Buying gifts for the men in your life doesn’t have to be such a complicated quest! Whether it’s for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or even Christmas gifts – I’ve got you covered! ✅

Matching a person’s values and interests when gifting is crucial! You’d also find it rewarding when, instead of leaving it to collect dust on the top shelf, he actually makes use of your gift and derives joy from it 😊… 

Prioritizing sustainability doesn’t have to be difficult! To make it easier for you, we have hand-selected fabulous sustainable gifts for him ✨…

📌 Bear in mind that ideally a sustainable, climate-neutral gift will be plastic-free, made with ethically sourced materials, in ethical working conditions and have no animal products.

Enough with the introduction – here is our best selection of sustainable gifts for him (2024 edition)! 🎁✨

If he could use some additions to his wardrobe, or if he has been wanting to switch to ethical fashion – this list is for you! The shops mentioned below carry a wide variety of styles.

Organic Basic’s Soft Touch Tee

Soft Touch Tee in Midnight Blue | Photo from Organic Basics 

Available Shades : Midnight Blue | Brick | Black

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Organic Basic’s Soft Touch Tee SUM UP

While this gift idea might seem “simple”, wardrobe basics are essential! Hence the mention in our sustainable gifts for him list.

This soft touch tee is made from recycled TENCEL™ Lyocell material – this ticks our durable and eco friendly fabric box!

It would be a great addition to a man’s minimalist wardrobe! Not only is it breathable with its slightly cropped crewneck and short sleeves but it is also a perfect base layer.

This brand uses fine and sustainable materials for all their collections and follows ethical practices.

With a carbon footprint of 2.78kg CO2-eq on this product, the Global Recycled Standard certified, PETA-approved vegan, GOTS certified and B Corp certified brand has proven its dedication to making fashion sustainable and ethical! 

Carry Courage’s Daydreamer Phone Sling

Daydreamer phone sling in style NATURAL | Photo from Carry Courage

Available Styles: Natural | Cream | Silver

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Carry Courage’s daydreamer phone sling SUM UP

If you’ve got a hands-free man, this daydreamer phone sling from Carry Courage, an eco-friendly, vegan, and ethically oriented brand, is the winner.

This iconic and unique design is created using ethically sourced materials, namely:

  • Cork exterior ethically harvested from cork oak trees (trees that actually BENEFIT from bark removal!)
  • 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton exterior

With the 2 storage compartments, his phones, keys, and cards will be safe!
The sling features a clean finish, paired with snap closure and a cotton cord adjustable strap.

In other words, this product deserves its spot in our list of unique gifts for eco friendly men!

Carry Courage is PETA-approved vegan. The brand also collaborates with producers that promote fair wages and good working conditions! 🤝

Bravegentleman’s Sculpture Sneaker made with MIRUM®

sustainable sculpture sneaker made with mirium in black by brave gentleman
Sculpture Sneaker made with Mirium® in Black | Photo from: Brave Gentleman

Available Colors : Black

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Brave gentleman’s Sculpture Sneaker made with MIRUM® SUM UP

This futuristic sculpture sneaker is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! It’s also important to note that it was made fairly in Brazil 💛and ships worldwide!

The Sculpture Sneaker is made with MIRUM®, a plastic-free, all-natural, animal-free leather. It features a comfortable natural cork insole, injection-molded, natural rubber outsoles and a waste-diverted (upcycled) textile sock.

Brave Gentleman is a brand that ticks all sustainability boxes by making sure every stage of production is eco-friendly and waste-free with the use of recycled materials in manufacturing

With a dedication to a slow-fashion production model, ethical labor, sustainable innovation, this PETA-recognized and recommended brand is simply a gem! 🤝

One way to show the men in your life that they need to take a step back, allow themselves some rest, and take care of themselves is by getting them cool green gifts that hint at wellness and self-care!

Below are our personal favorites for the wellness & self-care category of this sustainable gifts for him list ⬇️

Shoreline Shaving’s Sustainable Shaving Bundles

ShoreLineShaving is a UK-based eco friendly and vegan brand that ships worldwide!
The brand was born out of love for traveling and the Ocean… 🌊

Naturally; their packaging is 100% plastic-free 💪!

(Spoiler alert: this is in our top 2 favorites in this entire sustainable gifts for him list)

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Shoreline Shaving’s Sustainable Shaving Bundles SUM UP

They have an AMAZING selection of colors when it comes to sustainable razors – they literally provide you with everything you need!

The brand also has a variety of bundles matching every budget 💚 – We love that!

Okay, let’s break it down…

If you want to go all in and truly pamper your loved one with the most complete and perfect bundle, we recommend the Men’s Grooming Bundle (see below).

Men’s Grooming Bundle in Teal | Photo from ShoreLineShaving

Available Colors (Men’s Grooming Bundle): Storm Grey Bamboo | Chrome Silver Bamboo | Mint Green | Rose Gold | Silver Metal | Pale Blue | Pastel Pink | Signature Teal | Matte Black | Vivid Orange

If your budget is limited but you still want a complete gift set, we recommend to go for the Ultimate Shaving Kit Gift Set (see below).

Ultimate Shaving Kit Gift Set in Matte Black | Photo from: ShoreLineShaving

Available Colors (Ultimate Shaving Kit Set): Storm Grey Bamboo | Chrome Silver Bamboo | Mint Green | Rose Gold | Silver Metal | Pale Blue | Pastel Pink | Signature Teal | Matte Black | Vivid Orange | Light Purple

Now, if your loved one doesn’t care to have everything, you can go for the Travel Kit or the Shaving Kit.
You can still benefit from the gift box and handwritten note by picking the Gift Set option. If he really only needs a sustainable razor; go for the Razor Only option!

Reusable Safety Razor Shaving Kit in Stormy Grey Bamboo | Photo from: ShoreLineShaving

Available Colors (for the Shaving Kit & the Travel Set): Stormy Grey Bamboo | Chrome Silver | Light Purple | Mint Green | Silver Metal | Pastel Pink | Rose Gold | Pale Blue | Vivid Orange | Teal | Matte Black

Available Colors (for the simple Gift Set option): Teal | Mint Green | Rose Gold | Matte Black

Available Colors (for the Razor Only option): Teal | Mint Green | Rose Gold | Matte Black

Ethique’s Tooty Fruity™ Haircare Duo For Balanced Hair

Haircare Duo For Balanced Hair | Photo from: Ethique

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Ethique’s Tooty Fruity™ Haircare Duo For Balanced Hair SUM UP

This amazing hair-care duo features:

🩷 Pinkalicious: shampoo bar that smells delightfully like pink grapefruit and vanilla

💚 The Guardianconditioner created for those who suffer from very dry, very damaged or frizzy hair

  • Organic, virgin, fair trade coconut oil and cocoa butter
  • Vitamin B5 and zesty lime oil
  • All packaging is certified compostable
  • 100% soap-free, pH balanced and safe for color treated hair
  • Equivalent to 8 bottles of liquid shampoo and conditioner

Ethique is a sustainable, vegan and ethical B Corp Certified, Cruelty-free international, PETA-approved, Orangutan Alliance palm oil-free certified, CE.way certified brand offering a wide range of self-care products.

Ethique’s commitment to sustainable products is seen in their plastic-free, home-compostable, recyclable packaging. They also plant a tree for every online purchase, and donate 2% of sales made to charity!

If you aren’t sure just yet, you can opt for gifting one of their mini packs!
It’ll allow him to try the brand before committing to a normal sized product.
You can also get him a digital gift card so he can make his choice!

(PS. we know this is our “sustainable gifts for him” list but we honestly recommend that you try these bars too!)

Bearaby’s Cotton Weighted Blanket

Cotton Weighted Blanket in Asteroid Grey | Photo from Bearaby

Available Shades : Asteroid Grey | Moonstone Grey | Midnight Blue | Cloud White | Goodnight Grape

Available Weights: 10lbs | 15lbs | 20lbs | 25lbs

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Bearaby’s Weighted Blanket SUM UP

Would the man you are shopping for benefit from better sleep? (we think everybody would!) If he does, you’re in luck!

This 100% organic cotton, chunky-knit weighted blanket promotes high quality sleep. It has been medically proven that weighted blankets result in a higher production of melatonin – the sleep hormone 🌙.

This sustainable wonderful sleep-aid comes in different weights. It is advised to choose according to his body weight. The blanket should be about 10% of his total body weight!

Bearaby is an eco friendly brand that entirely swore off plastic! The materials they use meet Organic Content Standard (OCS), OEKO-TEX® 100, and Fairtrade International standard.

On top of plastic-free packaging, you can also enjoy free shipping!

This obviously is the most health-oriented item in our sustainable gifts for him list and we personally won’t pass on it! 💤

Do you want to treat him to some healthy snacks minus the guilt of wasteful packaging, unethical production practices and who knows what other horrors?

We have a few suggestions for that too! 😊🍫

Sustainable Snacks’ Packs

Variety Packs | Photo from: Sustainable Snacks

Available Flavors: Cranberry + Walnuts | Blueberry + Pecans | Spicy Cherry + Almonds

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Sustainable Snacks SUM UP

Sustainable Snacks is a Bronx, NY-based sustainable and ecofriendly growing brand. Their packs are delicious and wholesome! They also happen to be gluten-free, vegan and with no refined sugar.

A little more detail on each of the flavors:

  • Cranberry + Walnuts : cranberries, walnuts and pepitas blended with cinnamon and maple chocolate – autumn goodness!
  • Blueberry + Pecans : blueberries and pecans with nutmeg and maple chocolate mix
  • Spicy Cherry + Almonds : toasted almonds, tart cherries, a dash of sea salt and cayenne + maple chocolate

The Sustainable Snacks brand promotes sustainability by vetting all suppliers to purchase organic ingredients and also by partnering with ethical, family-owned businesses to source vegan ingredients and other supplies. 🌿 

Pascha‘s Earth-friendly Chocolate 

You can never go wrong with a chocolate-themed gift pack. The only thing to watch out for is the brand you choose! Luckily, we found one of the most amazing sustainable vegan brands there is 😄!

Photo from: Pascha

Available Flavors: 100% Cacao with Cocoa Nibs | 85% Cacao | 70% Cacao | 70% Cacao with Arabica Coffee | 55% Cacao | 55% Cacao with Cocoa Nibs | Organic Vegan White Bar

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Pascha chocolate SUM UP

Pascha is an incredible brand, they’re a member of 1% for the Planet, USDA organic, Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), and Rainforest Alliance certified!

They have:

🤎 vegan white chocolate (yes!) AND;

🤎 a keto friendly collection (we’re speechless at that point!) AND;

🤎 an organic baking chips selection !

What else can you ask for really? 🥰

You can also get their digital gift card if picking a flavor is too daunting. This way, the man in your life can make his own choice!

This is definitely the yummiest pick of our sustainable gifts for him list 😮‍💨!

A little bit of outdoor activity or adventure can do a world of good! ⛰️
If the man to whom you’d like to gift something special is outdoorsy and adventurous, or if you just want to gift him a unique outdoor experience, you need to start with the right gear!

WVstore’s WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots

waterproof vegan and sustainable hiking boots in black by will's vegan store
WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots in Black | Photos: Will’s vegan store

Available Colors: Black | Dark Brown | Dark Blue

Sustainable Gifts for Him | WVSport Waterproof HIKING Boots SUM UP

No matter what kind of activity your loved one is into, if it involves the outdoors; chances are he will need a good pair of boots!

Will’s Vegan Store has earned the trust of numerous vegan adventurers out there, and we are quite impressed with their products too!

The WVSports waterproof hiking boots are extremely resistant and breathable.
They feature:

  • Advanced ballistic welded construction with abrasion and scuff resistant uppers created with Lyliane 3DMX and Cordura materials
  • Vibram rubber injection outsoles for super grippy traction and durability
  • Waterproof construction with special waterproof membrane coupled with a sealed tongue and treated uppers that allows breathability and long lasting waterproof protection
  • Articulated lace hooks that are long lasting and allow better lace sliding
  • Removable EVA insoles for support forefoot and midfoot

This company’s core values revolve around ethical work practices and sustainability. The British brand is carbon neutral and 100% vegan. Plus; 70% of the energy used to produce these boots come from solar energy!

You also get to return your boots for FREE for 365 days with their paperless carbon-neutral returns service. How AMAZING is that?!
They even have a return to recycle service for when the product is at its end of life! 💚

Shop Like You Give A Damn‘s Komodo Jamari Cord Jacket

sustainable vegan green winter jacket style jamari made by komodo
Komodo Jamari Cord Jacket in green

Available Colors: Green

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Shop Like You Give A Damn’s Komodo Jamari Cord Jacket SUM UP

We could have snugged this in the Fashion category of our sustainable gifts for him list, but we just couldn’t shake off the image of this beautiful winter jacket being worn out hiking in the mountains!

Details beyond the cool, kind of rugged and outdoorsy style we love:

  • Vegan
  • 98% Organic cotton / 2% Spandex
  • Body Lining: 100% Recycled PET Fleece
  • Sleeve lining: 100% Organic Cotton
  • 30º Eco Machine Washable

The Jamari jacket, made by Komodo and sold on Shop Like You Give a Damn, comes with a detachable fleece collar and super soft finish and fleece lined pockets. It’s the perfect outwear jacket for the winter months! 

Shop Like You Give a Damn is an online store that exclusively showcases vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and ethically made products.
They ship worldwide and only partner with the best brands ✨!

If your loved one has a different style, no worries! There are plenty of options on their website! Go take a look. You can also opt for their gift cards.

Our sustainable gifts for him list isn’t about marketplaces, but we thought it would be nice to mention this one since its values are so aligned with ours!

Jackery’s Solar Generator 1000 Plus

Solar Generator 1000 Plus | Photo from: Jackery

Sustainable Gifts for Him | Jackery’s Solar Generator 1000 Plus SUM UP

Made by a sustainable brand, Jackery, that has saved 590 million kWh of electricity and reduced 585.2k ton carbon emissions, this powerful generator, paired with the foldable SolarSaga 100W solar panel unit, is perfect for outdoor adventure.

This gift will be highly appreciated. It powers 99% of appliances, including coffee makers, car fridges, electric cookers, drones, and microwave ovens, with its capacity of 1264Wh and 2000W output.

This company shows its dedication to sustainable energy with its carbon-neutral factory, organic materials, and eco friendly packaging.

This is the priciest item on our sustainable gifts for him list, but absolutely worth the investment in our opinion. When you get this for him, you also get a 3-year warranty and a 3-year extended warranty for his off-grid experience!

Whether you gift gifts on special occasions or prefer to show your loved ones you care at random, you now have multiple sustainable gift ideas for men at your fingertips.

Hopefully we covered your price range! Let us know if we haven’t, so we can do better! 😊

Just make sure you take his interests and needs into account while browsing through these mindful gifts 💖! 

You can also choose the safest route and get him a few gift cards from the brands we mentioned or other trusted sustainable shops.

📌 Note: if you ever have a doubt regarding the materials or sourcing of a product you are interested in, messaging the seller / brand first is always best! 

What should you gift a man?

You can start with their interests or what you recognize as their need at that moment.

Some of the best utilitarian options for sustainable gifts for him are an outdoor solar collection, a weighted blanket, or a solid pair of hiking boots.

Is Wool cruelty free and sustainable?

Unfortunately, finding cruelty free wool is complicated…
We encourage you to read the following article: Wool Standards Explained.

As for sustainability; if cruelty is involved in a practice – we refuse to regard it as sustainable. Cruelty is never sustainable.

What should I gift a nature lover?

If you need the best gifts for environmentalists or a nature lover, you should already be clear on one point: it must be sustainable.

The rest comes easily. All you have to do is take note of the person’s interests, latest goals, current needs… Take a look at what they already have that’s sustainable, and what they don’t have.

Where can I buy eco friendly gifts?

When buying eco friendly sustainable gifts, you need to make sure to read the “about” page of the store you’re browsing.
If in person, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the manager.

Look out for certifications displayed in the about page, check their philosophy, how the brand started, their core values, etc.

We are working on a detailed, trusted list of vegan and sustainable stores and marketplaces for every budget so, stay tuned!

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