Hello, lovely souls!
I’m Angelique, the author behind Harmony Junkie.

I wear many hats throughout my day: I work as a psychologist, I am also a consultant, a freelancer and an artist. This small corner of the digital world, however, is a place where my passion (ahem, obsession) for wellness and mindful, compassionate living converge.

With this blog, I aim to help you create a haven—a home and lifestyle that radiate kindness to the Earth, animals, and, of course, yourself.

Effective change begins with awareness and a desire to take action. I’m here to amplify the voices of those often unheard—the Earth and its creatures (as well as our subconscious that also needs caring!). I am deeply committed to help forge a path toward human happiness and wellness in harmony with our planet.

My mission? To make this blog your go-to resource for mindful, compassionate, and eco-friendly living.

I hope to empower you and help you slow down, embrace mindfulness, and care for yourself, others, and our precious planet 🤍…

I hope that my relationship with you, dear reader, will be based on trust, meaningful conversations, and profound mutual respect.

I imagine you share my vision of a fair and flourishing world but, like me, you wrestle with the challenges of a consumerism and performance-driven society.
It’s a struggle, and I’m here to help!

What you’ll find here are articles, as well as digital products — carefully crafted in alignment with my values (truth, honesty, compassion, accuracy, fairness, harmony).
Truth, in particular, is my North Star. It is the only way to make informed decisions, and it is the foundation of authentic harmony.

Welcome & always feel free to make your voice heard in the comments—I do read them!

With warmth,

signature: angelique